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Lol weeb you're future employers are gonna see that you like gay aliens and not hire u lmao

I'm just gonna say it. I have a deep burning passion for the hatred of homestucks.
Honestly, I think the only reason that Hussie has so many close-to-religious followers is because of just how he writes his comics. It appeals to twelve-year-olds. Seriously. And with the language and stuff, reading that comic makes them feel 'cool' and they just wash their lives down the drain.
Reading a webcomic about GAY ALIENS.
There is a serious problem with it at my school, and I'll even venture to call it parasitic. Screaming innuendos and references that only them and maybe the sweaty tumblrfag across the room will get mid-class. Giggling when LITERALLY ANYTHING has to do with the Zodiacs, buckets, clowns, Nic Cage, Betty Crocker, Candy Corn, etc. Not to mention they will WEAR THEIR COSPLAYS TO SCHOOL, WHICH CONSIST OF THE SHIRT, PANTS, AND CARDBOARD/PLAY-DOH HORNS OF WHATEVER GAY ALIEN THEY ADORE MOST.
And faygo.
Oh Lord, have mercy on my soul.
Stores don't exactly sell faygo around where I live, so people will go on vacation and buy it, filming themselves drinking it and saying it's the best drink ever. Personally, I think it tastes like someone mixed lye and grape soda. Not to mention while they drink it, they will imitate Gamzee, saying miracles OVER AND OVER AGAIN. KILL ME PLEASE.
A few years ago, when I had finally shaken off Satan's grasp of being a homestuck I got a video from one of my trashy friends.
She was in cosplay. Having a cosplay sleepover. As Dirk and Jake.
These two pubescent tumblrfags were sleeping together because they were in cosplay.
I am in some sort of jacked up hell and I need mercy

I know this is about Homestuck and all but what about his other comic Problem Sleuth? Due to its less confusing plot and shorter run does anybody like it more or less? The art however is worse but it has more comedy in it because does not have a super complex plot like Homestuck. Also it has less action and no flashes but I didn't really think it needed any of that. Interested for opinions. I found this to be really good however they haven't got that far yet.

Re: Good Furry Comics? by JasperAnythingJasperAnything, 05 May 2015 18:33

You guys are so negative!!!!!! This person wanted to create a fun story involving a college that was G rating. I love it!!! The storyline is fun and special. Even though I agree with you that the drawings are not that great the story is fun!!!!! The author loves to draw and I know she worked very hard on this!!!!!! As you read through the story the drawings also improve, so give it a shot. Seriously!!! A lot of you said you didn't even finishing reading it!!!!!

Making people laugh is not as easy as you thought it would be. Learning and finding the right gag is essential. Learn more of this comedy tricks of online videos focusing on this matter.

Re: An Article About Comedy by allwordseoallwordseo, 11 Jan 2015 11:16

I like to reviews some comics title so how to send on your new site?

Re: Too Much Information by allwordseoallwordseo, 11 Jan 2015 11:12

There is a new site, why did they move? I like the comics strips here.

Nimhlo (guest) 12 Dec 2014 05:02
in discussion Fanboy Response Section / Main » Twokinds Review

I can agree with several posts about the comic before 2014, I believe that it, at least in the artistic department, has risen a good amount, not trying to pull some post necromancy, but I think that Twokinds is finally improving, if at least just a little. Although not really pushing the racial boundries much, there is not some type of plot going on in the back and foreground. Still sketchy, but the comic can yet try to gain glory.

by Nimhlo (guest), 12 Dec 2014 05:02

First of all, Scott Ramsoomiar isn't a douche bag, to his fans he thanks them for their viewership. We had an email conversation a while ago and he saved me from making a terrible mistake. Stop being god damn haters, yes haters push you to be better, but don't hate on the writer, he's a good person who just wants to show the world humour, that's what VG Cats did to me, I couldn't see any humour in the world, was depressed and VG Cats made me see the humour again. So stop with the hating jackasses and just hate in silence at best

Bull Sh*t by FreakyGamer123890FreakyGamer123890, 26 Aug 2014 12:31
Re: Flipside
AviSmithAviSmith 19 Aug 2014 01:14
in discussion Webcomics / "Is This Comic Bad?" » Flipside

I for one have personally met the author. He was very kind and did a sketch of me and my girlfriend in person. We are both top art students in our school and still envious of his on the spot talent. The comic isn't perfect but it's far far far better than just mediocre. This is more than just some "webcomic" and has become someone'a career. This stuff was posted years ago when it was just starting out but years later, after it has become a published listed manga, this still shows up when you Google the Manga. Think about how stupid rants on a hateful website like this can effect people'a careers down the line.

Re: Flipside by AviSmithAviSmith, 19 Aug 2014 01:14

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I know the creator of Gear Comics, and much of what you are saying is either subjective opinion or outright slander from someone who is angry at a former roommate from when they prevented you from completely screwing them over. I'm not saying that HBD or any of the others are the peak of the web-comic scene. But I'll bet that this entire post is motivated by your own personal anger at the artist, who bailed on you when you got shitty.

Re: Gear Comics by thought chefthought chef, 21 Jun 2014 05:10

I remember being mad that I wasn't a part of the Comic's story even after 6 years of loyalty to Trey, but now I'm actually pretty relieved. But I feel ya, man. Sorry you had to be associated with that comic.

Re: Sonic and Pals by Rip ReaperRip Reaper, 31 May 2014 07:02

A number of things in this article are inaccurate. I just wondered if you'd be interested in my clarifying a few things or not? I don't want to intrude or criticize, just there are some things the author could not have know that led him to incorrect assumptions. It's been a while since I worked on Exiern now and I have the distance and freedom to talk about things I could not say at the time.

if you did not like it then stop reading it, if you are just reading to critic it then you need to go find a life outside of the interweb.

Re: Rascals by dreddanatordreddanator, 10 May 2014 04:14
smoothjsmoothj 09 Apr 2014 06:26
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » House Of LSD

Would anyone happen to have a copy of the original X-rated 2002-2006 series with co-author Stickdevil? I can't find it online anywhere :/

by smoothjsmoothj, 09 Apr 2014 06:26

Hi chimney speak!!! I'm 1 of your fun and also an artist. Is Your site already down??? I red all your works i think last last last last dunno how much month, I havent read your final arc :C.. did you move your comics?? and where??? i want to read it… I love your art, your style, story, plot everything… you are 1 of my inspiration… So, please LEt me know where you move XD. sorry for my bad english

Re: Chimneyspeak by Withasmile MangaWithasmile Manga, 11 Mar 2014 16:24

This is the worst article i've seen. OOTS is a great comic. The writer has an illness on his hand making it harder for him to continue his work, yet you use foolish arguments against it. The fact that you stated "it deserves to be here" on first line kinda pissed me off.

From the other replies, clearly you made a poor judgement of it, what makes me think what is the real purpose of this site if liking a comic or not is shearly connected to personalities.

If you guys like to label webcomics as bad, i'm pretty sure there is another website rating bad sites. 100% sure this one would be there.


Re: Order of the Stick by Carlos LamarcaCarlos Lamarca, 30 Dec 2013 19:11

Honestly….. That was very Hussie-like. A lot of drabble and not a lot of meat. And yes, I do actually LOVE Homestuck. Yes, it gets boring, yes it'll take you forever to actually read the whole thing. But most of your "points" are mute…..

  • John (who I'm assuming you're reffering to as the "Main Character") is absolutely NOT a Gary-Sue. I've seen Gary-Sues and he does not have any of the usual characteristics
  • I actually enjoy Hussie's Self-Inserts and find them rather funny at times. He's doing something that no one else really does and reminding the audience that there IS actually an author behind the story, and not just the characters.
  • I will agree that if you try to binge-read the entire series, the plotline does get annoying. But Homestuck wasn't MEANT to be binge-read, but rather have a couple pages read every week. And YES it's been going on for three years, tell me ANY comic, web or not, that hasn't been going on for awhile.
  • I will, one hundred percent agree that Hussie could have delved into a lot of the characters more. But at the same time, I think the comic itself had too many main characters, and that's why Hussie didn't really touch on a lot of them and just killed them off. I've done the same thing in my OC roll-plays.
  • As for action. There's none? I don't see where you're getting this idea. If you ask me, there's actually a lot of action. No, it's nothing like Act 3, but at the same time, Act 3 was sort of the turning point of the story, where we went from one set of protagonists, to a completely different set. So of course nothing's going to be the same. We're dealing with a completely different world, different culture, and different characters! I think Hussie wanted to convey that in the change of "fight-style", and I think he did just that.
  • WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE FURRIES YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT? AND BESTIALITY?!?!?!? I see none. None whatsoever. So I have no fucking CLUE where you get that……..
  • And honestly, the GIFs you're talking about, I personally enjoy immensely. Maybe I'm just looking at it from an artist's standpoint, but that's quite a lot of work put into those pages.

No, I'm not a "rabid obbsessed-fangirl", but I do absolutely love Homestuck, I love Hussie's writing style in it, and I love the round-about way that he throws everything at the reader. It poses a challenge, it says "Here. Read this and try to connect the pieces. Oh, here's some random fluff to confuse you. Get it yet?" And I think some people (including yourself I assume) just don't like that kind of brain-stretching. Which I can understand. Yes, it can be hard to follow, yes Hussie could have touched it up with some more detail. But goddamnit, it's an awesome storyline and gives the fanbase a LOT to work with! I'm having tons of fun just trying to create my own fantroll, and next my own fankid. And that's another thing, the fancharacters can be so completely unique and creative, but also obviously be APART of something. Most fanbases lack that. And I think that's what ultimately draws and keeps people. The fanbase. Have you SEEN some of the shit we crazy Stuckers have come up with? Sadstuck, Drivestuck, Fuckstuck(dunno if that one's an actual fan-done thing, but it probably is…..). The possibilities for the fanbase are unlimited! And that's something that other fanbases are lacking now-a-days.

I completely respect your reasons for not liking Homestuck. And at least you took the time to actually read it, unlike many Homestuck-haters who don't even know what the artwork looks like because they've never been to the site to even read page one……. But I honestly just can't see your side of things!

And just for reference, here's what a Gary-Sue is. (YES I KNOW THIS IS A MARY SUE ARTICLE! ITS THE SAME DEFFINITION PEOPLE! -.-')

A female fanfiction character who is so perfect as to be annoying. The male equivlalent is the Marty-Stu. Often abbreviated to "Sue". A Mary Sue character is usually written by a beginning author. Often, the Mary Sue is a self-insert with a few "improvements" (ex. better body, more popular, etc). The Mary Sue character is almost always beautiful, smart, etc… In short, she is the "perfect" girl. The Mary Sue usually falls in love with the author's favorite character(s) and winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the book/series/universe.

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