Original review author: The Luigiian
Webcomic name: Chugworth!
Author: Dave Cheung
Start Date September 7, 2009
End Date Currently in limbo, might come back if Dave-Man finally finds something to make actual profit with and has enough spare time
Genre Anime/Comedy
Defining Flaw From the outset, it looks as if this comic will be similar to Boss Noodle and the original Chugworth Academy. That means breasts and smack talk.

Ratings summary:


Whuddap, peeplets? Yo yo yo, I just got finished slappin' mah bitchez' roun' and now I's gon' go back to the mean ass streets of Glasgow, United Kingdom, where I's can join mah peeplets again and start drawing som' mah guro and girls getting raped and ripped apart by pedophilic men. Ah, you know how it iz, bro, theyz all bitchez n' hos! Fuck m' all. Hey, if you 'specially good peeplets, I'll give y' some sexy pictyahs of my art bitchez wearin' nothin' but skin, n' maybe a katana or swimmin' gear, because fuck yeah!

Picture this from the mouth of a skinny pasty-ass Scottish-Asian 27-year-old and you have Dave Cheung. I'm not basing that on his current Chugworth!, I'm figuring that based on what he's said on DeviantArt, the original Chugworth, and of course Boss Noodle, which is a silly sort of fusion of ninja and American-style urban style. Now, I'm not here to criticize him for being yet another poor, pathetic person who believes he is the next Snoop Dogg; rather, I'm here to laugh at him. But seriously, this is his comic, in a nutshell.


Chugworth Academy. 'Nuff said.

Story and Plot

Since it's the continuation of Chugworth Academy, expect not only the girls to behave and dress like 3-Dollar-Hookers as well as stumbling into LOLwacky situations with the other cardboard cut-outs, but also a fair share of racism and female degradation disguised as satire.

In case it should eventually come back, that is.

Art review

Even compared to later CA articles, the new Chugworth! is improved. Artistically, this comic is amateur-average. There are mistakes in the design and the style is typical anime.

Writing review

Will probably be typical Chugworth writing, with similar style, although it has probably matured a bit beyond the original, if only the same amount that the art has.

Author biography

Guro, porno, lolicon, doujinshi.


Connect the dots.


If you know Chugworth, you already know how its update will turn out. Don't expect miracles from Chugworth!

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